jueves, 17 de enero de 2013

Like Farah

I had the means to reach a far away and chaotic place like Rusia to meet with the cool guys of La Panaderia, was awesome to arrive there, it was An Event. After taking a shower I was transformed in "Farah Faucet", mostly in my hair. The public awaited us anxiously. I had not coordinate yet with M. and J. who were like strong centers of gravitation who made me a bit scared for the same reason. D. was with me and was trying to give me some confidence (she was like the mother I always wanted to have), she was telling me that I could do a good performance in that spectacle. She was telling me that I had that experience in myself. I looked super pretty with my bikini-underwear from "Women's Secret". A., M., K., and T. who where there, adored me. I needed to perform like in the old times, but I was getting nervous, so then I put something in my hair and I wasn't so spectacular anymore. The dream lives me with the desire of (not) going back to the past, Ayayay!
Brussels 22.09.2004

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