miércoles, 25 de marzo de 2009


I dreamed of a very beautiful man, a charismatic magician; neither blond, nor dark; thin, subtle. We were in my Father’s house. We were a group of young people, in this house full of alcoves and magical things, mysterious charms. The presence of my Father was there, in parts of the house that were being transformed, in a white bird- very small - very special. Presence 7: us guys, we were discovering things about ourselves, about the night, nature, and it was mainly that man who was guiding us. I was completely bewildered by him. To be near him filled me with energy. Suddenly he was touching my hair and he said that I smelled like a lioness, I wanted to get closer to him, to kiss him, to melt into him; then M. appeared (energy 7) and said to me that he could not be with me, because he belonged to her. I swore: how is it possible that his energy couldn’t be mine?! He is still there…
and then this is New York and I realise that I am dreaming and then I want to stay with him: there are lots of frogs reproducing. He starts to transform, he is a man that is all men, he is not himself anymore, he tells me to be patient, that I was born in a time when there was a lot of fruit and that I will continue in this stage of my life, which is not very interesting, or amusing, but that I must patient, and then he vanishes in a puff of smoke.

viernes, 6 de marzo de 2009

I dreamed that I was travelling in a boat, with a family-group of Cubans, people emigrating.
It was an excellent solution, I thought, because they could take the house with them.
I’m climbing into the boat; the boat advances and enters the water: a river, which becomes a lake in the south of Chile, I’m staring out from the side of the boat, looking as if I’m a figurehead. I’m looking at the lake water.
It surprises me that the lake is not that deep and it worries me that the boat could run aground.
As it moves, the boat has a vertiginous speed. It knows where it is going. It has a destiny. Me, boat figurehead, I have to be courageous, in order to see everything that is coming.

I dreamed that I was going to Cuba for the weekend. I was going on a Friday and coming back on a Monday. I was happy to be able to live my Father’s dream. Even though it felt a bit of a deception to know that I was going for such a short time. It wasn’t easy. Inside the boat where we were living A., B. and C. had joined us; but were deeply indifferent, as if nothing was good enough for them. I was trying to please them, but it was pointless.
I’m feeling impotent. House with red walls. With a very beautiful part that has a big window, which allows us to see where important things are happening outside. 16.06.04.