domingo, 15 de septiembre de 2013

2 tracks

...common values...We had so much in common, common culture. I was feeling we could share so much...
But you still have to listen to other 2 tracks before you can do that...

martes, 2 de julio de 2013

Muros anchos

Soñé, soñé, soñé, soñé, soñé, soñé, soñé, soñé:

V. y yo nos encontramos en un edificio colonial en ruinas, bello, cuadrado, sólido, antiguo, donde él tiene una gran admiración por mi hijo.

Por que él?

Compañero de estudios, artista, ex algo, intelectual sofisticado multicultural, sensible

+ otros compañeros estudiantes de arte

Yo estoy en esta casa, soy parte de ella

Bruselas 2002

jueves, 4 de abril de 2013

we were all equals

...anoche o anteanoche soñé que estaba con C y Ch y estábamos en una isla o lugar virgen, nuevo. En este nuevo lugar eramos iguales, parecidos, no habían superiores o inferiores.

lunes, 11 de febrero de 2013


Film documental especial sobre La Flaca Alejandra y la Memoria.
Algo que toca a todos los chilenos –la tortura, las cárceles secretas de la dictadura de Pinochet-
Gradas sobre otras gradas como si hubiesen diferentes niveles de lectura en el público chileno.
Mi padre (una de las víctimas) viene hacia mi y llora y es vulnerable y se quiebra y yo puedo consolarlo y abrazarlo. Pero tengo que sacarlo pues estamos o él está tan afectado como un niño que para no molestar a los espectadores tenemos que salir.

jueves, 17 de enero de 2013

Under pressure

I was going to have to perform an art action and I needed to do it for "The apprentice", (really bad tv show). The only idea I had was to do a "pass the parcel"in front of the jury and to talk about the association improvising about the contents, talking about what is inside and actually that was the only real feeling of something that I know how to do: to talk from the inside.
-Suddenly the boss was contacting me to know how I was doing.
-Why I brake every thing? News paper, All the pieces were braking in my shaking hands, like clay pieces made by my children or very naives.
Deep France, 12.05.2006

"Breast feeding" performance

Me and my daughter,amplifiers,a microphone, closed curtains, people can't see me, only hear the sound of breastfeeding,the space is precarious like and old temple just about to fall apart.

Like Farah

I had the means to reach a far away and chaotic place like Rusia to meet with the cool guys of La Panaderia, was awesome to arrive there, it was An Event. After taking a shower I was transformed in "Farah Faucet", mostly in my hair. The public awaited us anxiously. I had not coordinate yet with M. and J. who were like strong centers of gravitation who made me a bit scared for the same reason. D. was with me and was trying to give me some confidence (she was like the mother I always wanted to have), she was telling me that I could do a good performance in that spectacle. She was telling me that I had that experience in myself. I looked super pretty with my bikini-underwear from "Women's Secret". A., M., K., and T. who where there, adored me. I needed to perform like in the old times, but I was getting nervous, so then I put something in my hair and I wasn't so spectacular anymore. The dream lives me with the desire of (not) going back to the past, Ayayay!
Brussels 22.09.2004