domingo, 3 de abril de 2011

I could come back some telluric lands in Tepoztlán o Cuernavaca
because my aunt was back there. There was an inner swimming pool very old. Everything was made with ancient stones. My cousin is there innocent and happy has she used to be.The water looks a bit to dark and scary but my father was swimming there simple, humble, young, in good faith as usual, and then I go in to the water and there is an inner current that connects the "swimming pond" with the sea..the pressure pushes me against the stones, my leg hurts...I have to wake up...

Bare nature

no water
no food
no mattress
I wonder how long we can stay like that...
bare floor
left overs of 70's architecture
bare nature, cold
the fathers where there but I couldn't see them
nothing but landscape
and I found a little bit of clean water and I use it to wash a baby.