jueves, 26 de febrero de 2009

I can see all of that

I am asking myself when will I receive most of the things that belonged to my grandparents’ world. Impeccable parquet floors. If we could see through this wall…
She (my grandmother) is giving me small things, things that I can carry. I never imagined that I might have so much in my life, but I want everything now.
My Mother is well looked after.
It is a city with old architecture, grey-blue, which is getting older, but was ordered, opulent in the past.
Very strong and heavy, but then somewhere there was an earthquake. There are lots of people, lots of young people, is it Brazil? Is it a poor country? Is it Mexico? The university? Is it Chile? I can see all this.

Sunday 22.10.06, Moens.

domingo, 8 de febrero de 2009

“Se trata de mi cabeza!”

“Mi cabeza había sido intercambiada por otra de arcilla totalmente fragmentada, deshecha en mi regazo. La solución consistía en encontrar un espacio que me permitiera amasar los pedazos con los cuales podría hacerme una nueva cabeza. En el sueño, el espacio se me presentaba ocupado por hombres maduros, amigos cercanos de la familia. Estaban sentados al rededor de una mesa, ideal para mi tarea, conversaban sobre sus dolorosas anécdotas de víctimas de la represión militar. Con los pedazos de esa masa que era mi cabeza en las manos, les pedía que me dejaran libre el espacio. Uno de ellos ofendido, se levantaba y me decía: “Egoísta”, por no ser comprensiva ante su discurso. En ese instante logré decir: “Se trata de mi cabeza!” al tiempo que desaparecían ellos y despertaba del sueño."
Mexico D. F., 1996

And then in 2008 I went to a refugee home in Switzerland and when a woman from Georgia saw that drawing she accepted me to do her portrait. Yesterday I found out, that because people like her fail to be recognized as refugees, they get a legal status that is less than the rest of us. She doesn't have the right to have a job, rent a room or an apartment,etc, is called a NEM,(Non entrée en matière) an other categorie for "an other kind of humans" in the heart of Europe.