jueves, 24 de marzo de 2011

To many people

...we are a gang, very nice and cool, see?
and there is even now a hippie with long hair in the family, which means is impossible now to move so many people.
we are to many, we can't
(to heavy)
BLANCA Y FACUNDO's car is not big enough
(to many people).

sábado, 19 de marzo de 2011

la envidia

...tenía que trabajar con el tema que era mi debilidad: la envidia.

Zermatt 25.12.06

...I had to work with the theme that was my weak point: envy.

Zermatt 25.12.06

jueves, 10 de marzo de 2011

more parties

"....you need to go more to parties"
like an Avatar girl told me who was growing really fast.