martes, 27 de enero de 2015

feeding a discourse

I can see an arm chair
and I know that what is needed is time and a lot of patience
a lot going on
I have a baby of mine really small and squalid, he might dye!
Will I have the courage to stop and feed it?

dead animals

that could have being me years ago
they have really being helped by their desapeared
( no necesariamente por que son descendientes de un detenido desaparecido que van a ser necesariamente "buenas personas".
they let me sleep in the child's bedroom, but they are not interested in a talk -no windows-.
Huge flood in the airport
the bus collapses...
my cat dying
-this is your fault, you have being feeding him a lot.
I am in a bus running away...
and then I see...there is a show showing death animals.